Prep - Chris Mendiola

Why prep for Photos?

Home buyers search online to see pictures of the property. So make the first impression count!

Front Exterior

This is the first photo the buyers see.

Clean up landscaping( Cut grass, trim trees & shrubs, rake up leaves etc.)

Remove empty pots & dead plants.

Use a broom to remove cobwebs from eaves and door frames.

Clean the front door and doorbell.

Remove all visible hoses.

Remove toys, basketball hoops etc.

Back Yard

Clean Porch/Deck/Patios/Pool.

Pillows & cushions should be fresh not faded.

Outdoor area should be decorated for a party.

Remove toys.

Remove pool vacuum cleaner.

Hide pool cleaning supplies.

Remove hoses.

Remove trach cans.

Remove pets & pet droppings from the yard.


Clear fridge magnets, papers etc.

Hide garbage cans.

Remove dishes from sink.

Remove clutter on counters.

Make sure all lights work.

Remove pet food/water.

Dining Room

Place a nice center piece on the table.

Straighten all chairs.

Remove child seats.

Make sure all windows are clean and no streaks.

Family Room/Bedrooms

Remove clutter/kids toys/dog beds.

Make bed.

Remove personal items/phone chargers

Clean under bed & remove items.

Remove wall stickers/posters.


Clear counters. No soap, toothbrushes etc.

Remove shampoo, soap, loofahs etc.

Remove wet towels. Place fresh new white towels.

Remove floor mats.


Remove pet food/water bowls.

Use lint roller on furniture to remove pet hair.

Place pets in their crate in the garage.

Remove pet waste from back yard.

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