Pricing - Chris Mendiola

Real Estate Budget Photos

Recommended for properties under 250K. The front photo is HDR and the rest are single flash photos. 

165 - up to 20 photos

Real Estate Premium Photos & HD Slideshow

Recommended for properties 250k and up.  During post production blue skies and green grass is added and tv screens are replaced.  Turn around times vary depending on workload but it is normally two to four business days. 

195 - Under 1499 sqft

225 -1500  to 2500 sqft

250 - 2501  to 3000  sqft

300 - 3001  to 3500 sqft

350 - 3501 to 4000 sqft

Luxury Real Estate Photos & Aerial Photos or HD Video

Recommended for properties 500k and up. These are for high end properties requiring a white glove approach to all of the details. The photos are taken with a high-end camera and the images are taken in RAW format. A combination of natural light and multi-flash photos are combined to create Magazine Quality Images. Turn around times vary depending on workload because I do all of the editing myself but it is normally three to four business days.      

350 - Under 1499 sqft

400 - 1500 to 2500 sqft

450 - 2501 to 3500 sqft

500 - 3501 to 4500 sqft

550 - 4501 to 5500 sqft

5500+ sqft call for quote


Aerial Photos (Daytime)

100 - 3 Images for properties under 2 Acres

150 - 3-5 Images for properties 2 to 10 Acres

175 - 6-8 Images for properties 11- 20 Acres

Twilight/Aerial Sunset

Twilight photos/Aerial Sunset photos are an add-on. The photos are taken with a high-end camera in RAW format and multiple images, as many as 50 to 100 images, are combined to create a Magazine Quality final Image. Because of the long shutter speeds it is only possible to create one or two images. If you require more than that I can create a multiple camera setup that will require an additional photographer on site. 


250 - One Image

350 - Two Images

450 - Three Images

Please contact me for a custom quote for more than 4 images. 


Aerial Sunset Image

200 - One Image


Great for capturing attention on social media. We can customize a video depending on your budget from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. 

Please contact me for a custom quote


20 Muirfield

Custom Home Builders/Commercial Properties/ Architectural Photos/ Rental Properties

These photos would require an outright purchase license and would be taken with a high-end camera in RAW format.  The turn around time can vary depending on the scope of the job.  Please contact me to discuss the details and for a quote.


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